Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My demonstration plan.

What I plan to do in my demonstration is bring in my snowboard. I plan to give you, the viewers, and an idea of how to turn, and stop, also how to properly stand on a snowboard while going down the hill so that you won’t fall. Also I plan to show you how you figure out if someone is goofy or regular, which is important when figuring out how your board should be adjusted. Also I will be showing you how the bindings work. I will be showing you where the stomp pad is located on the snowboard. The stomp pad is there for when you get off the lift you need one boot out of your bindings so to get a grip you should have a stomp pad to put your foot on when getting of the lift. I will also be bringing in my boots to give you an idea of what snowboarding boots look like, and how you lace them up. Some other things I will bring in are my goggles, which come in handy when you’re snowboarding because you’re eyes will water as you go down the hill. Another thing ill be bringing is my snow pants, they’re Burton, just a type of snowboarding brand, they’re water resistant so when I fall I stay dry. My coat is another thing I will bring in just to give you an idea of what I wear when I go out snowboarding, even though on the nicer days I just wear a sweatshirt. Most likely I will be giving a presentation on a power point of some information on snowboarding to give you a better idea of what it’s all about.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Question for the class

Would you ever try snowboarding?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Questions on Snowboarding.

Where have you been snowboarding besides Great Bear? The only other place that i have been snowboarding besides Great Bear would be Monarch Mountain which is located in Colorado, im not sure what town it is in i just know that it was a HUGE resort and great for snowboarding or skiing.

What Brands do you recommend? Personally the brand that I recommend is a Burton. The only reason i reccommend Burton is because that is what mostly all of my gear that i have is. I have a Burton Board, snow pants, and boots.

When is the best time to go snowboarding? The best time to go snowboarding is in the winter of course. I usually go snowboarding when we have Christmas break at school because we have so many days off and usually people are busy so there isn't alot of people out at Great Bear.

How do you turn on the board? To turn on your snowboard you lean to whatever side you want to go, in the process you keep your knees bent, and toes up. Turning in snowboarding is also called carving because you carve the snow as you turn the way you want to.

How long have you been snowboarding? I have only been snowboarding for about 2 years, I’m still not an expert, but I’m in the process of learning as I go. Kirk Nelson taught me how to go off the box last year, he also taught me how to carve, the first time i went snowboarding my friends made me go on the big hill instead of the bunny hill at Great Bear, they said it was easier to learn that way.

Is snowboarding or skiing better? In my opinion I think snowboarding is way better than skiing. Snowboarding is a challenge, skiing is pretty easy to take up.

Can you do any flips? No I’m not that skilled with snowboarding yet, the most I’ve done is gone of the box at Great Bear. Personally, i dont even think i would try doing a flip, im not that brave, like most of the guy's are into that kind of stuff like breaking bones, and that's not for me.

What kind of board do you have? I have a Burton board; it works out pretty nicely for me especially because i dont ride it hard or scratch it up on the rails.

Can snowboarding get dangerous? Yes, of coarse snowboarding can be dangerous, especially if you’re trying to do tricks that you’re not ready to do yet. You should just make sure you wear the right gear so that you can stay safe.

What do you all wear for clothing? When you go snowboarding you usually want to have some good snow pants, nice boots, gloves, hat, goggles, and a coat, sometimes its nice enough in the winter to wear a sweatshirt.

Why do you like snowboarding? I enjoy snowboarding because its something to do in the winter, also because its good activity and keeps you physically fit. Also its a challenge and i like challenging myself on new things. The reason i started snowboarding though is because mostly all of my friends snowboard so they were always out there, so they wanted me to give it a try.

How do you stop? In order to stop when you are going down a steep hill, or any other hill, or mountain, you go into a slow turn until the board and you are facing directly forward, then you kind of dig your heels into the snow.

How do you start? After you finish getting off the lift you usually pick a spot to strap up your bindings, after you get all strapped up and everything is tight and secure, you push up off the ground to stand up, after doing this you go into a turn and start going down the hill.

How do you balance? To balance you need to keep your knees bent the whole time, if you dont keep your knees bent then you will most likely fall. Also your toes need to be straight up in the air. The key things to remember is keep your knees bent and toes pointing up.

Do you go to Great Bear alot? Yes, in the winter time that is usually where i am. I love having Christmas break because i just go out to Great Bear from open to close. I'm usually at Great Bear right when school gets out till it closes, or like after i get my homework done of coarse :)

Do you do snowboarding competitions? No, I acutally just snowboard for fun. I'd be interested in going to a snowboarding competition just to see the different things snowboarders can do on their board.

Where is the best resort to snowboard? I actually dont know where the best resort is, as long as its got a hill/mountain im good. The best resort that i have been to is Monarch Mountain in Colorado, its huge, and has enormous space for snowboarding or skiing, and it beats Great Bear by a long shot.

What is a snowboard made out of? The actual board that you ride on is made out of epoxy-fiberglass.